Dimitris Tsakas featured as a soloist on the Stephen Hawking Tribute which is a Vangelis Papathanasiou piece of music and goes under the professor’s synthesised voice. 

 “The Greek composer Vangelis created an original piece of music to go under the professor’s synthesised voice. ESA sent the message of hope from its big radio antenna at Cebreros, about 77km west of Madrid. The transmission will reach the black hole in about 3,500 years.”


Dimitris Tsakas – saxophone

Stella Valasi – santur

Kimon Karoutzos – double bass

Sonic Horizons Trio’ – an innovative musical journey. Compositions of Dimitris Tsakas, enriched with the enchanting sounds of Stella Valasi’s Santur, and grounded by the  bass  of Kimon Karoutzos. This unique trio reimagines Dimitris Tsakas music in a distinct, drumless fusion that marries the essence of jazz with the captivating Santur timbres, creating a sonic experience.”

THE QUARTET                                                       

Dimitris Tsakas – sax

Costis Christodoulou – piano,synths

Yoel Soto-bass

Costas Liolios – drums